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Life Coaching

"The hardest thing about changing your life is making the time to change it."

What if?

Living a vibrant and fulfilling life wasn't as challenging as you thought? What if you could change the way you feel by changing your perspective?

What If?

Setting intentions and tuning into the feeling that you associate with having reached your goal allows you to experience the joy in the every day?

We all want to live well.  Let's face it, at the end of the day it's not how much you have or how much you have accomplished that counts.  What matters is how well you have participated in your own life, both the ordinary routines and the extra ordinary surprises.  It's how you feel inside when you lay your head on the pillow.  Does a feeling of joy and well-being accompany you to bed?  Or does your head touch the pillow with thoughts of anger, bitterness, helplessness, frustration, or self disappointment? 

Recognizing the feeling in each situation gives you the opportunity to decide to stay where you are at, or to move to another level of energy that feels better. 

Developing the skill to choose your attitude, to choose what you think, and to choose what you do, may be the greatest adventure you can take as a human being. 

Life coaches work with people who desire to make change and are focused on results.  Coaches are:

  • Non Judgmental

  • Intuitive Listeners

  • Creative Thinkers

All of which build confidence and trust within a confidential relationship. 

Coaches help develop the best in their clients by encouraging them to use a process that connects them more fully to themselves. 

This allows clients to acknowledge their feelings and to realize how changing their perspective in specific situations can give them a sense of ease in reaching their desired outcome.



Coaches are not therapists, mentors, or consultants, but more about supporting clients to take the time to focus on what they really want in life, while helping them break through anything holding them back. 

Life coaching services are available in person, via telephone, face time, or skype~ whichever fits best your lifestyle or location. 


Take your first step in working with me.

To discover how a coaching relationship with Sandy can help  you trust your inner voice and create harmony between your values and the action that you take, click the button below to schedule a complimentary 45 minute phone consultation. 

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